Measured routes in parks

Measured routes in parks

The information on this page will be unavailable from 1 September. You can find walking routes near you on the Walking for Health website or the TravelWest website.


We have created measured routes within some of our local parks to encourage children and adults alike to get fit whether it’s a stroll, buggy push, scoot or a jog around the park.

Our new waymarked measured routes are free, fun and flexible way to get going and build towards your 150 active minutes a week (2.5 hours).

The routes have been funded by Active Bristol with support from local community groups and organisations.

What is a measured route?

Measured and signposted routes will help you to increase your activity levels as well as enjoying our parks all year round. Routes will be set to approximately one mile or under in distance and most routes are suitable for walkers, joggers, wheelchair users and pushchairs.

Where can I find a measured route?

Measured routes are available in the following parks and green spaces:

Track your progress

Why not time yourself? - see walk4life website

The Walk4Life website could help you find other local walks in your area, keep a record of how much walking you do and motivate you to walk more, to school, to work, or for fun. You will need to sign up to the site to use this feature - signing up is quick, easy and free.