Public health practitioner registration support scheme

Public health practitioner registration support scheme

Under the South West of England Public Health Practitioner Registration (UKPHR) Support Scheme, practitioners develop a retrospective portfolio which is assessed against national standards for core public health practice.

This is a quality mark for people who work within public health looking to add a professional excellence to their existing work experience and educational attainment.  This includes local authorities, ie councillors or management, who are now involved in Public Health services delivery.

What does the scheme involve?

The scheme develops professional public health practitioners (those below the specialist level) and also trains local assessors to provide a workforce assessed and certified as meeting the national UKPHR standards at an agreed level of competence (level 5 of the public health skills and career framework). 

The Scheme gives local and national recognition through a quality-assured process of assessment and verification to the Public Health practitioners across the wide range of multi-sector organisations who contribute to the promotion, improvement and protection of health.

What support is available?

Practitioners on the scheme are supported through facilitated portfolio development learning sets to enable them to complete a developmental portfolio of evidence of competence against the UKPHR practitioner standards over a period of 12-18 months. 

Peer support is crucial, with the practitioners very much benefiting from sharing their work with each other and talking through any concerns at the learning sets.  Practitioners are encouraged to work with a mentor should they require one, and all are assigned a UKPHR-trained assessor.

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