Staying Steady strength and balance classes

Staying Steady strength and balance classes

Staying Steady is a programme of strength and balance classes to help build strength, walk steadily and lower your risk of falling.

How the classes can help you

A Staying Steady class could help you if you’re feeling unsteady when moving around, are worried about falling or are less mobile than you’d like to be.

The classes can help you:

  • stay independent and carry on doing the things you enjoy
  • improve your confidence and reduce the fear of falling 
  • to be mobile and healthy
  • keep active and have fun 

Download our leaflet (pdf, 1.9MB) (opens new window) for more information about Staying Steady strength and balance classes. If you want to print the leaflet make sure you click on ‘actual size’ and ‘flip on short edge’ in your print settings.

What the classes involve

Classes are led by instructors who can adapt the exercises to suit you, so you can exercise safely with support from experts.

Each class lasts for an hour where you’ll be taken through exercises that can be done either seated or standing.  

During the class you might be using equipment such as bands, balls and hoops, which are provided.

At the end of the class you’ll be given some information about exercises to do at home.

People are also welcome to stay for a cup of tea and a chat after a class, where you can learn more about organisations and activities in your area that can help you stay active and independent.

How much the classes cost 

£3.50 per class, pay as you go.

How to join 

If you’d like more information or want to join a Staying Steady class near you, contact one of the centres listed below.

Before you can join your first class you will be invited to attend an assessment with the instructor.


The Greenway Centre
Doncaster Road, Southmead, Bristol, BS10 5FY
Phone: 0117 950 3335 (main reception); 0117 909 0027 (fitness office)

Staying Steady classes:
Monday 2pm to 3pm
Tuesday 2pm to 3pm
Friday 2pm to 3pm
To see further details of classes go to the Greenway Centre website and click on the Mead events calendar.

Brunel Fitness Centre
Speedwell Road, Bristol, BS15 1NU
Phone: 0117 377 0098

Staying Steady classes: 
Tuesday 11am to 12noon

Easton Leisure Centre
Thrissell Street, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0SW
Phone: 0117 955 8840 or 07825 033 741

Staying Steady classes:
Wednesday 11.15am to 12.15pm

Henbury Leisure Centre
Avonmouth Way, Henbury, Bristol, BS10 7NG 
Phone: 0117 353 2555 or 07825 033 741

Staying Steady classes:
Tuesday 12:55 to 1:55pm

Hengrove Park Leisure Centre
Hengrove Promenade, Hengrove Park, Bristol, BS14 0DE
Tel: 0117 937 0200

Staying steady classes:
Monday 12:15pm to 1:15pm
Tuesday 12.30pm to 1.30pm

The Park Centre
Daventry Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1DQ
Phone: 0117 903 9770

Staying steady classes:
Monday 3pm to 4pm from April 2018

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Six exercises for staying steady

Six simple exercises you can do at home as part of your daily activity, to improve your strength and balance.

What people say about classes

“I can really recommend this class if you have balance issues or stiffness of joints or for general wellbeing. I was reassessed after 12 weeks and have improved on many counts.” Doug

“It has been lovely meeting people who are trying their best to improve their lives. The instructors are caring, knowledgeable and encouraging, jollying us along with good humour. I have noticed marked improvements in my muscles.” Irene

“I am ready to progress onto other and more challenging exercise, but I’d like to continue with the Staying Steady classes as I enjoy the company.” 73 year old lady

“He has stopped using a walking stick, after attending the class for 9 weeks. He is much happier, and the class has made a real difference to his quality of life.” A lady who attends with her partner.

"Doing certain things of life have improved and seem easier to carry out’."John