Trim trail exercise stations

Trim trail exercise stations

Trim trails are made up of simple pieces of exercise equipment placed around parks, and are free to use.

The equipment can be used to do various exercises that can develop balance, strength and coordination.

They are a great way to make a run or jog in the park more interesting and work a few more muscles. You can even go along with friends or family for a fun workout in the fresh air.

Locations and equipment

Begbrook Green Park (four stations)

  • chin up bars (three levels)
  • hanging bars
  • hop overs 

Brandon Hill Park (two stations)

  • parallel bars
  • hop overs

Greville Smyth Park (five stations)

  • 3x3m balance beams rising in height
  • 100m run (two posts marking a 100m run length)
  • 16 stepped posts, end up, rising in height - for football training 
  • parallel bars
  • pull up bars

The Downs (six stations)

  • chin up bars
  • sit up bars 
  • shoulder lift bars 
  • leap frogs

Withywood Park (one station)

  • chin up bars (three levels)

We also offer trim trail equipment for children at some of our play parks. Find the locations of our children's play spaces and trim trails at

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