Who can apply to adopt

We welcome applications to adopt a child from anyone, regardless of race, gender, religion or sexuality. You can be single, married or in a partnership.

If you’re having fertility treatment, you’ll need to wait six months after your last treatment before applying to adopt.

There are some legal requirements for adopters. You:

  • must be over 21
  • must have a fixed and permanent home in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • must have lived in the UK for at least one year before you make an application
  • can’t adopt if you or an adult member of your family has been convicted of a serious office

Our need for adopters is based on the children waiting and those coming through the system.

At present we welcome applicants within an hour’s drive of Bristol city centre who can meet the needs of the following children:

  • children aged 4 and over
  • siblings where at least one is over the age of 4
  • children with extra needs, such as a physical or learning disability
  • children of a black or minority ethnic background

As well as the above, we're keen to hear from you if you live outside Bristol but still within an hour’s drive of the city and can meet the needs of children aged 0 to 4 years.

All adopters need to have love, empathy and commitment to a child. You’ll need to show patience and an understanding of their early life. You’ll also need to be open with them about their adoption and family background.