Ask for double yellow lines

Ask for double yellow lines

What we use double yellow lines for, ask us to put some down, and find out what other requests we’ve had for them.

We use double yellow lines to prevent parking:

  • on the road
  • on grass verges along roads
  • on pavements

Double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time. You can stop briefly on double yellow lines:

  • to load or unload, unless there are also loading restrictions
  • while passengers get in or out of your vehicle

Double yellow lines can be expensive to put in place, because of the process necessary for installation. Before we can paint new double yellow lines, or extend existing ones, we have to make a Traffic Regulation Order, which will need a public consultation.

The legal costs are roughly the same if we install a few metres of double yellow lines or if we cover a whole area or community with double yellow lines. This means it’s more cost effective to cover larger areas, as we’re already paying for a traffic regulation order.

For this reason, we prefer introducing double yellow lines on an area-wide basis rather than in individual locations.

Request a street improvement

What happens next

We’ll record your request and consider it when we decide which requests to go ahead with. This will depend on different things, including:

  • whether we think the area needs it
  • the cost
  • how it might affect traffic in the area

If we agree to your request, there will be a consultation and public advertisement before we can go ahead with the installation.

The public advertisement involves posting:

  • notices on site telling people of the suggested change
  • an advert in the local press inviting comments or objections

The consultation and public advertisement can take six months or longer.