Ask for road markings

Ask for road markings

What we use road markings for, and how to ask us to put some down.

Road markings can include:

  • markings asking drivers to keep clear, for example to stop drivers from blocking access to a car park or the entrance to a business
  • speed limit markings
  • cycle markings
  • give-way markings
  • school keep clear markings

You can find more information about the different types of road markings on GOV.UK.

You can also ask us to put a disabled parking bay near your home.

Ask us for road markings   

To ask us to put down road markings, use the ask for a change to a road form.

Ask for a change to a road

What happens next

We’ll record your request and consider it when we decide which requests to go ahead with. This will depend on different things, including:

  • whether we think the area needs it
  • the cost
  • how it might affect traffic in the area

If we decide to go ahead with your request, we’ll put the road markings down when we next do minor works in the area.