Ask us to install chicanes

Ask us to install chicanes

What are chicanes, ask us to install some, and find out what other requests we’ve had to install them.

Chicanes are usually made up of a raised kerb and bollard in one half of the road, with a sign to explain which vehicle has priority.

We tend to install chicanes along residential roads.

On a road with chicanes, one direction of traffic must give way to oncoming vehicles. This encourages drivers to drive more slowly.

Groups of chicanes are usually placed with alternating priority down a road.

Request a street improvement

What happens next

We’ll record your request and consider it when we decide which requests to go ahead with. This will depend on different things, including:

  • whether we think the area needs it
  • the cost
  • how it might affect traffic in the area

If we agree to your request, there will be a consultation and public advertisement before we can go ahead with the installation.

The public advertisement involves posting:

  • notices on site telling people of the suggested change
  • an advert in the local press inviting comments or objections

The consultation and public advertisement can take six months or longer.