Bristol Harbour

Bristol Harbour

Site Map

Entering and leaving Bristol Harbour

Procedures and navigation for entering and leaving Bristol Harbour.

Navigation and bridge clearances

Navigation instructions, byelaws and bridge clearances for Bristol Harbour.

Swing bridges

Swing bridge opening times and procedures.

Tide tables

Tide table and tide time differences.

Facilities and services

The range of services and facilities available in Bristol Harbour.

Harbour contacts

Contacts for emergencies, lock gate operations and general enquiries.

Local notices to mariners

Events in Bristol Harbour.

Mooring and berthing

Types and availability of moorings and berths.

Waste disposal

How to dispose of your waste in Bristol Harbour.

Water sports

Water sports and their organisations in Bristol Harbour.


What you must do when you’re refuelling, or transferring waste oil when bunkering.

Weather data

Sources for the latest weather information.

Harbour parking permits

How to apply for a vehicle parking permit if you have a boat or business on the Bristol Docks.

Water quality

Water quality testing and results.

No swimming in Bristol Harbour

Why swimming is not allowed in Bristol Harbour, the dangers, and future plans.

Gaol Ferry Bridge restoration

Why we're repairing Gaol Ferry Bridge, what the repairs will involve, how long they'll take, how to stay up to date with the project.

Redcliffe Bridge refurbishment

Why we’re repairing Redcliffe Bridge, why work stopped, and how long the repairs will take.