Local notices to mariners

Local Notices to Mariners contain important information on:

  • temporary navigational directions and/or restrictions, and
  • notification of water-based events in the harbour

The notices are numbered consecutively with two digits each for the number of the notice and the year it was issued, for example Notice No 41/10 means notice 41 of the year 2010.

Please take the time to study these pages as they are in force for the safety of all harbour users and will help you make the most of your visit to Bristol Harbour.

Events in the City Docks

To find out about how events in the harbour in 2015 will affect mariners please read Events Notice to Mariners Nos 1 to 10/2015

41/10 Building works at Finzels Reach

Building works at the old Courage Brewery site are continuing until further notice.

A tower crane will be working across the harbour during the building works but will be limited to carrying loads 10m from the quay wall at any time.

Steel pontoons are installed along the working area connected to the quay walls.

Yellow buoys will be installed to create an exclusion zone around the works and will be lit at night with yellow flashing lights.

Mariners must not navigate within the exclusion zone for any reason at any time and are requested to keep a good look out when passing these works at a slow speed.

31/11 Safety boat cover for water events

The Bristol Sailing School under licence from the Harbour Master’s Office will carry out safety boat cover for Water Events and Water Skiing Sessions held in Bristol Harbour.

During these events the Sailing School Staff will be acting under the same powers of Safety and Navigation Control as any of the Harbour Master’s Staff and as such all directions given should be abided by.

18/15   Minor Events in Floating Harbour 2015

Sunday 13 September: Pegasus Model Boat Club

Saturday 28 November: Beaujolais Race:BWSC (Baltic Wharf)

Saturday 19 December: Mince Pie Race: BWSC (Baltic Wharf)

Times are between 1000 and 1800 hrs approximately.

Vessels are requested to proceed with caution in the vicinity of these events.

19/15   Water Sport Activity Sessions

Baltic Wharf Sailing Club: racing on Saturdays, 1300 to 1600 hrs. March to December. Baltic Wharf.

Baltic Wharf Cadet and Social Sailing: Wednesdays, 1730 to 1930 hrs. May to September. Baltic Wharf.

WESSA Youth Sailing: Weekdays and evenings April to October. Baltic Wharf.

Baltic Wharf Sailing School: Sailing/ powerboat tuition throughout the year. Baltic Wharf.

Bristol Canoe Club: Tuesday/Thursday evenings throughout the year. Baltic Wharf to Netham.

Bristol Rowing Club: Throughout the year. Albion Dock to Netham and River Avon.

Ariel Rowing Club: Throughout the year. Netham to Hanham.

Guides Association: Evenings and weekends. Redcliffe Wharf.

Scouts Association: Evenings and weekends. Baltic Wharf.

TS Adventure Sea Cadets: Evenings and weekends. Baltic Wharf to Narrow Quay.

Young Bristol: Water sports throughout the year. Pooles Wharf.

Bristol Gig Club: Gig rowing throughout the year. Bristol Marina to Netham.

20/15   Quayside Events 2015

Throughout the year numerous quayside events take place. These may cause some restrictions to visitor’s moorings. 

Visitors are requested to contact the Harbour Office for more details and directions on entering the harbour.

28/15 Scouring operations Cumberland Basin

Date Time
Wednesday 12 August, 2015 11.45am
Wednesday 27 August, 2015 11am
Thursday 10 September, 2015 11.30am
Friday 25 September, 2015


Friday 9 October, 2015 11am
Monday 26 October, 2015 11.15am
Tuesday 10 November, 2015 11.30am
Tuesday 24 November, 2015 11am
Wednesday 9 December, 2015 11am
Wednesday 23 December, 2015 10.30am

During these operations please note:

  • The water level in the floating harbour, Feeder Canal and River Avon upstream of Netham Lock may be reduced by as much as 0.5 metres during the period of approximately 5 hours from commencement of each scour.
  • Strong currents will be experienced in narrow bridge ways and especially Prince Street Bridge, Totterdown Junction, in the Feeder Canal at Netham Lock.
  • Vessels proceeding upstream against the current must give way to vessels coming downstream at all bridge ways, Totterdown Junction and at Netham Lock.
  • All vessels when approaching Prince Street Bridge, Redcliffe Bridge, Totterdown Junction or Netham Lock must sound one prolonged blast of their whistle from either direction.

31/15 Work at Prince Street Bridge

From Tuesday 18 August 2015

Notice is hereby given that essential renovation work to Prince Street Bridge will commence on Tuesday 18 August 2015. This work is expected to continue for a period of approximately 6 months.

A temporary bridge is to be constructed which will have a clearance of 3.6m (subject to the variable harbour levels) for the entire width of the bridge passage, to allow vessels who are able to navigate to the upper reaches of the harbour to continue to do so.

Vessels with an air draught greater than 3.6m will not be able to pass through Prince St until these works are complete.

To allow the temporary bridge to be constructed there will be no bridge swings on Monday 24 August 2015 and Tuesday 25 August 2015.

Outside of these dates, usual bridge bookings will be taken by the Harbour Office until such time as the bridge is held open for this renovation work, when bookings will no longer be required for this passage.

32/15 Cumberland Basin: winter locking operations

Monday 26 October 2015 until Sunday 27 March 2016.

Locking services will not be routinely provided between 17:00hrs and 09:00hrs.

If a locking in or out, outside of these times is required, a minimum 48 hours’ notice must be given.

Please call 0117 927 3633 where you will be invited to leave a message for the Deputy Harbour Master. 

If your enquiry is urgent please also make contact with the Bristol Harbour Office.

33/15 Harbour Office winter opening 2015 

Monday 26 October 2015 to Sunday 27 March 2016.

The Harbour Office will be open for general enquiries, licensing and the purchasing of commodities between 10:00hrs and 15:00hrs seven days a week. 

Therefore, it will no longer be possible to obtain any commodities from the Harbour Office outside of these hours.

Duty Officers will remain on duty until 17:00hrs, carrying out dock patrols and will be on call to respond to emergencies only.

The Baltic Wharf slipway may be locked after 15:00hrs if the Duty Officers are not in the vicinity.

These changes apply to both in person and telephone enquiries however; an emergency telephone service will continue to be available during operational hours.

Reminder for all users of the slipway: In order for a short-term navigation licence to be granted to use a powerboat or sports boat in Bristol City Docks, photographic proof of identity must be produced.  Failure to produce this will result in a licence being denied

36/15 Netham Lock winter operating times 

Notice is hereby given that winter hours of operation of 0900h to 1645h will apply from Monday 28 September 2015 to Sunday 27 March 2016.

Vessels are advised to arrive at the lock at least 1 hour before it closes to ensure passage through lock.


Bristol City Docks: Local notices to mariners remaining in force

41/10 - Building works at Finzels Reach
31/11 - Safety boat cover for water events in Bristol City Docks 2011
18 – 20/15 - Events in the City Docks
28/15 - Scouring operations – Cumberland Basin
31/15 - Work at Prince Street Bridge
32/15 - Cumberland Basin – Winter locking operations
33/15 - Harbour Office winter opening 2015
36/15 - Netham Lock winter operating times
38/15 - Christmas Day 2015 - Harbour arrangements


Contact information

Harbour Office

Underfall Yard

Cumberland Road

Bristol, BS1 6XG

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Open for general enquiries, licensing and the purchasing of commodities daily (except Christmas Day) as follows:

Summer (BST)

Harbour Office: Saturday to Thursday 08.00 to 17.00, Friday 08.00 to 16.30

Emergency Service: Duty Officers are on call between 07.30 and 22.30

Winter (GMT)

Harbour Office: Monday to Sunday 10.00 to 15.00

Emergency Service: Duty Officers are on call between 07.30 and 19.30

VHF Radio

Channel 73, callsign BRISTOL FLOATING HARBOUR.

Email: harbour.office@bristol.gov.uk

Tel: 0117 903 1484

Fax: 0117 903 1487