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Your road may not be suitable for playing out. We may refuse your application if it'll have a significant impact on traffic or if it's on a non-residential road.

Each closure must be supervised at all times by a responsible and clearly identifiable adult. Read the below terms and conditions carefully before continuing with your application.

You must:

  • make sure that we receive your application at least six weeks before the date of the first event otherwise we won't be able to process it
  • make sure you give all the information requested on the form
  • attach a street plan of your event and a copy of your resident consultation letter to prevent delays
Bristol City Council can't guarantee that a Temporary Play Street Order (TPSO) will be made and any TPSO made under this application will be revoked if any of the following conditions are not met:
  • You must pay to the council the full costs of any damage to the highway or street furniture or other loss or damage suffered by it and of any claims made against it as a result of the making of the TPSO and which arise from your negligence. We recommend that you take out Public Liability Insurance for the duration of your road closure.
  • Any Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) or other statutory provision which is currently in force on the road or roads to be closed will remain in force during the closure unless specified to the contrary on the Legal Order.
  • If needed you must clean the street in order to return it to its condition prior to the closure. This must be done before the road is reopened.
  • No closure can last longer than three hours.
  • A TPSO is made entirely for the purposes of children’s play and may not involve the placement of any structure on the highway during its use.
  • No activity requiring any form of license under the Licensing Act 2003 may be undertaken when the TPSO is in force.
  • Access for vehicles, residents and businesses must be maintained during any closure period.
  • On-street parking can't be refused or restricted other than through an existing Traffic Regulation Order.
  • The road or roads may only be closed on the dates and times specified within the TPSO.
  • Each closure must be supervised at all times by a responsible and clearly identifiable adult.
A TPSO application is free. However there may be costs associated to the hiring of barriers and signs. 


You need to confirm that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions

You need to tell us the road nameFor example, Petherton Gardens.
You need to provide a description of the start and end pointFor example, Starting outside number 5 all the way to number 55.
Remove File You need to provide a road plan of your event A closure plan can be for example a screenshot or a sketch map. You can’t upload a file that’s larger than 10MB.
You need to provide a start dateType DD/MM/YYYY.
You can't close the road for longer than three hours and more than once a week.
You need to provide a start timeIndicate AM or PM.
You need to tell us an end timeIndicate AM or PM.
Are you applying for more than one closure
You need to tell us if this is to be a regular event

You must have appropriate signs and barriers in place to make sure your road closure is safe. It should include a ‘Road Closed’ sign at each end of the closed section of road and clear diversion signs for alternative routes.

Details of alternative route must be supplied on the Legal Order.

You need to tell us what arrangements you’ve made to close the roadBe as detailed as possible.

Your letter must be dated and include a name and contact number for any enquiries. If your letter contains different or amended wording you'll be instructed to re-draft and re-send to all recipients. 

You may provide additional information if you want to but this must not qualify or contradict anything else in the letter. Please contact if you wish to check whether your wording will be accepted.

You can’t tell residents not to park on the road during the event as the road closure order doesn't suspend or prohibit parking.

DeclarationYou must confirm that a letter of consultation was sent to all residents affected
Remove File You must attach a copy of the letter of consentYou can’t upload a file that’s larger than 10MB.
You need to tell us when the letter was sent

You must tell us your full name
You must tell us your addressInclude the postcode.
You must tell us your contact number
You must tell us your email address
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