Roads and pavements maintenance

Urgent problems

If there is an urgent problem eg:

  • A missing or damaged drain or manhole cover;
  • A street fault that is likely to cause an accident or injury if not immediately made safe;

Call us:

Telephone 0117 922 2100 8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

Telephone 0117 922 2050 for all other times.

Street problems


Retaining walls and bridges

  • Damaged walls or bridges.


  • Report noisy or faulty street drains and manhole covers and blocked or smelly street drains online
  • Personal items dropped down a road drain, for example keys. There is a charge of £50 during the hours of 7am to 4.30pm (mon to fri) and £60 for out-of-hours, weekend and bank holidays for this service. Contact Kier on 0330 333 2170 Mon-Fri and bank holidays between the hours of 9am to 7pm or for out-of-hours and weekends contact 07854 192665.
  • If there is a problem with a public sewer, contact Wessex Water plc on 08457 300 600.

Kerbs / pavements (footways)

  • Report dislodged or damaged kerbs or pavements.
  • Access ramps - we may be able to provide ramps at junctions to facilitate access.
  • You will need to use your own contractor to 'drop' a kerb at your property. The Contractor should contact Customer Services (email: for an Excavation Licence Application Form or use the example in the Related documents section to top right of this page.
  • Alterations to pavements (to provide access to your property) need to be properly constructed. You must use a contractor who is HAUC qualified (contact Street Works Qualifications Register) and properly insured with Public Liability Insurance to £5 million limit of indemnity.  

Manhole covers

  • Report noisy or faulty manhole covers.
  • Manholes belong to the utilities companies (for example, gas, electricity, sewage) and we have procedures to notify the responsible party to repair. It would be helpful if you have details of the exact location and type of cover to help us identify the utility.

Roads (carriageways)

  • Any defect or hazard, for example: pot holes, oil and chemical spillage and debris.

Trees and shrubs


  • Report damaged bollards for example if a bollard is not lit, a bollard shell is missing or is dirty/graffitied and needs cleaning. You can also use this form to report vandalised bollards, for example stolen, kicked, moved to gain access to street or path.
  • It is an emergency if:
    • a bollard or railing is left or leaning on the carriageway
    • a hole is left on the ground after a bollard is knocked down
    • there are exposed live wires for lit bollards.