Water sports in Bristol Harbour

Water sports in Bristol Harbour

Water sports and their organisations in Bristol Harbour.

Most water sports take place around the Baltic Wharf Water Leisure Centre though some activities do take place throughout Bristol Harbour.

All water sports are regulated by us through locally agreed safety codes. Contact us for more information on these codes.

See our Events in Bristol Harbour page for any water sports events that may happening.

Canoeing, sailing, paddle boarding and windsurfing

Dinghies, canoes, sailing, paddle boarders and windsurfers may be used from Baltic Wharf slipway and you can buy one-day licences at the Harbour Office.

Life jackets or buoyancy aids must be worn and you should always take note of the Underfall Yard Area exclusion zone.

Bristol sailing tuition

Sailing and power boat tuition is available at All Aboard Water Sports.

Inflatable boats

Toy inflatables aren’t allowed in Bristol Harbour.

If you use an inflatable boat contact us to get permission to use it. Your boat must be approved by a national standards authority such as the BS, DIN, AFNOR.

Rowing and sculling

Only 14 rowing boats or sculls are allowed on the harbour at a time.
To make sure no more than 14 boats are on the water the Bristol Rowing Club operates a tag system.

If you want to row in Bristol Harbour you should make arrangements through the Bristol Rowing Club.


You’ll need to provide a photo I.D and proof of address when applying for a licence on a craft with an engine size larger than 10 horse power.

Jet skis

Jet skis and other similar craft and equipment are not allowed in the harbour due to speed and wash restrictions.

Holding a water event

If you’re an event organiser then contact us for safety requirements and water quality information.

Watersports clubs

There are many water sports clubs operating in the harbour.

Clubs usually take advantage of the quantity discount available on licence fees and pass the benefit on to members.

Anyone interested in joining should contact the club or organisation directly.


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