View ideas for the library service

View ideas for the library service

Your ideas for the library service

We're listening to your ideas for the library service. 

Everybody’s ideas are important because we want to build a library service that everybody can enjoy.

View ideas

Ideas that have been suggested so far  

Ideas from young people

We commissioned Rising Arts Agency to run events,  a survey and conversations with 16 to 24 year olds in Bristol to find out:

  • how they view libraries
  • what they want from libraries
  • what would make libraries more welcoming

You can:

We commissioned the Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) to run workshops with some Bristol schools to understand what young people want from the libraries.

Why we’re doing this

We’re keeping libraries open while we work with you to find solutions for the library service so it meets the needs of each local area.

Councillor Asher Craig talks about the libraries conversations that we're holding to talk about the service. 

With your help, we hope to put in place a service that will:

  • work for future generations
  • actively involve local people
  • be well connected to everything else that’s going on locally