Home care recommissioning

Home care recommissioning

Information about the new home care plans and tender opportunities.

There are currently ongoing opportunities for providers to join a new Homecare Provider Open Framework. 

The open framework will allow us to offer work to a range of providers that meet our quality standards. The framework will be ‘open’ as providers can apply to join the framework periodically throughout the contract term. 

There were two meetings that took place in 2019 to discuss this with providers.

See the slide presentations (pdf, 1.1MB) (opens new window)  that were shown at these events. They show:

  • the opportunities and expectations for providers that want to bid to become part of the framework 
  • the dates of the indicative future rounds regarding when providers are able to bid

You should read this presentation to get a good understanding of the offer.

We have a number of organisations that provide home care services in Bristol. They work across 11 zones within the city. 

How to join the framework

If you’ve not submitted a tender before, see our tender support document (pdf, 73KB) (opens new window) for guidance.

You’ll need to register on ProContract, our online procurement system, to join the framework.

If you register on ProContract you can also receive notifications of upcoming tender opportunities. 

Register on ProContact

You can find the home care open framework by searching for the tender title or opportunity ID number:

Title: Home Care Open Framework 

Opportunity ID: DN346384

ProContract support

For information on using ProContract see our ProContract guide.

If you need  ProContract system support you can email: procontractsuppliers@proactis.com

You can also call 0330 005 0352, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to  5:30pm 

Tender rounds, outcome and contract set up

ProContract is always open to accept new or re-submitted tenders. 

Tender round deadline, 12pm Outcome and contract set up
01/09/2021 11/10/2021 to 15/10/2021
02/02/2022 28/03/2022 to 08/04/2022
05/09/2022 17/10/2022 to 28/10/2022

There may be a delay between your submission and the evaluation of you bid. This because we can only evaluate these tenders periodically.

Future commissioning model 

We’re working on our future commissioning model for home care provision.

The model will consider:

  • the theme of health and social care integration
  • outcomes based commissioning 
  • use of technology

We’re also exploring new ways of working with providers on existing contracts.

Further information regarding the future commissioning model is often discussed at the home care provider forum.

Any information shared is uploaded to this web page.

Home care Provider Forum

Feedback from the 2019 provider forums: