Recommissioning Bristol Youth Links

Information on the recommissioning of the Bristol Youth Links services including costs, commissioning timetable, project board and progress.

Bristol Youth Links services and costs

We currently spend £4.2 million a year on open access youth and play services, targeted group, 1:1 and online services.

There are currently seven geographical area based contracts and two citywide contracts aimed at children and young people aged 8 to 19 years. This up to 25 years for young people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

We also have these specialist services:

  • counselling
  • drug and alcohol
  • healthy relationships
  • preventing homelessness
  • LGBTQ+ young people
  • deaf young people

Commissioning timetable

The current Bristol Youth Links contracts will finish in 2018 and we’re in the process of recommissioning the services.

Our timetable upto 2018 is:

  • Consultation Feedback: Summer 2017
  • Advertise tender: Autumn 2017
  • Evaluate tenders: Autumn 2017
  • Award contract: December  2017
  • Contract Implementation:  2018 

Recommissioning progress: November 2017

Decision not to retender Targeted Youth Online Services.

After considering the outcomes and services that need to be delivered within reduced financial envelope as well as the Council’s need to meet its statutory duty to promote and publicise positive activities, the decision has been made not to procure these Services externally; and to instead deliver this service from 1st April 2018 via its existing ICT teams linked to the BCC website.  

Recommissioning progress: September 2017

Youth Sector Support contract now on ProContract

The Youth Sector Support Targeted Youth Services tender is live on ProContract.

It can be accessed on the ProContract page.

The tender is open until 12 noon, Monday 16 October.

All questions regarding the tender must be sent through the portal on Pro Contract.

Recommissioning progress: August 2017 

Youth Services now on ProContract

The Local Area Targeted Youth Services tender is live on ProContract.

It can be accessed on the ProContract Bristol Youth Links page.

All clarification questions regarding the tender must be sent through the portal on Pro Contract.

The tender is open until 12noon, Monday 9 October.

Market engagement event

On 17 August 2017 we held a market engagement event. 

For information on the event see our August 2017 engagement event slides (pdf, 1,005k) (opens new window) and the attendee list (pdf, 72k) (opens new window) .

See our questions asked document (pdf, 78k) (opens new window)  for a list of the points raised at the August 2017 event.

Targeted Youth Services comissioning

The Targeted Youth Services comissioning plan has now been published.

Targeted Youth Services comissioning plan. (pdf, 906k) (opens new window)


The consultation period has now finished, we had a very good response including over 200 online surveys completed which has given us quality feedback on our proposals.

Summary of consultation feedback (word doc, 36k) (opens new window)

Professionals’ event

The professionals event was held on Thursday 23 February 2017.

See the documents below for notes and emerging themes from the event, along with answers to questions that were raised.

Young Persons' event

The young person’s event was held on Wednesday  29 March 2017.

This event was attended by more than 70 young people and provided us with quality feedback on proposals.

Feedback from young person's event (pdf, 504k) (opens new window)

Tender details

Tender details for Bristol Youth Links will be published through the ProContract portal and providers should register to be informed of future funding opportunities.

Recommissioning progress

October 2016

A presentation of the re-commissioning of Bristol Youth Links was made to the People Scrutiny Commission on the 20th October.

As a result of the presentation, Scrutiny identified some key principles which should be considered within the developing model of delivery:

  • adopt principles of 3 tier model: help to help yourselves, help when you need it, help to live your life
  • work in a whole family way and link work more closely with Early Help and other work of VCS
  • three geographical areas to match those of Early Help (North, South & East Central) plus citywide Specialist and online services
  • encourage a broader range of organisations in the city, especially those organisations that can show they can engage well with their local community
  • consider a model in which consortiums are compulsory, with partnerships needing to be meaningful and working together to meet the needs of their local population
  • retaining resources within Bristol City Council to help support youth sector organisations to sustain themselves and to work more collaboratively on emerging needs

A full set of Minutes from the People Scrutiny Commission meeting are available:

September 2016

September has been a period of engagement with providers around the city, and continuation of analysis of need.  

An event was held on 14 September 2016, jointly facilitated by Voscur to hear ideas form youth sector providers in the city for a different approach from 2018.  

No decision has been made on what the level of future spend might be, nor has the model of delivery been decided upon.  

Notes from the meeting will be published on Voscur’s website when they are finalised.

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