Coronavirus (COVID-19): road changes, new cycle lanes and suspensions of parking bays

Coronavirus (COVID-19): road changes, new cycle lanes and suspensions of parking bays

Latest and upcoming changes, pedestrianisation of the Old City, how to make a suggestion and plan your journey.

We're opening up road space usually reserved for parking and driving to cyclists and pedestrians to:

  • allow better social distancing, especially in local shopping areas
  • encourage people to travel by bike or walk
  • reduce air pollution

We’re monitoring the impacts of the changes and we'll consult with local residents, businesses and ward councillors before making any changes permanent.

Changes already made

  • Bristol Bridge and Baldwin Street: closing the roads to general through-traffic to give priority to pedestrians, cycling and public transport.
  • Upper Maudlin Street, Marlborough Street and Park Row: new protected cycle lanes by reducing two traffic lanes to one, and removal of parking and traffic lane where necessary to widen pavements for pedestrians.
  • Lewins Mead: creation of new cycle lane.
  • Clifton Village: suspension of parking bays on Princess Victoria Street between Regent Street to The Mall, and The Mall between Princess Victoria Street.
  • Westbury Village: parking bays suspended and pavements widened in retail area.
  • North Street, Bedminster: parking bay suspended and pavement widened in retail area.
  • Clifton Triangle: widened pavement and cycle lane introduced in retail area through parking bay suspension and traffic lane removal.
  • King Street: widened pavement in recreational area through suspension of parking bays and timed street closure.
  • Mina road, St Werburgh’s:  new protected cycle route along Mina Road on its eastern side to improve safety for southbound cyclists along this stretch and improve visibility along the road for all users. This has also involved the removal of on street parking along the eastern side of Mina Road from the railway tunnel southwards to the junction of Mina Road and Mercia Drive.
  • Counterslip near Bristol Bridge: new protected bike lanes

Cycle route map

See our Bristol cycle route map (pdf, 455KB) (opens new window) for existing, new and planned cycle routes in Bristol.

Upcoming changes

  • Stokes Croft: creation of new cycle lane.
  • Merchants Road Bridge, Hotwells: creating a safe social distancing one way system for pedestrians, including an improved road crossing facility.
  • Victoria street near Bristol Bridge: creation of protected cycle lane.

Dates to be confirmed.

Pedestrianisation of the Old City 

We’re making changes to parts of the Old City area and Bristol Bridge sooner than planned because of coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to follow this with a larger scheme, closing the whole of the Old City to traffic for specific parts of the day. 

  1. In place: Corn St and Clare St closures, parking suspensions
  2. From 18 July 2020 onwards: St Stephens, St Nicholas and Broad St limited closures (Thursday and Friday evenings and weekends)
  3. October 2020: further pedestrianisation using temporary orders, with all day closures except for a morning loading window Monday  to Saturday
  4. Early 2021: all changes made permanent


We’ve suspended all parking bays and parking permits in the streets below in the Central Parking Zone (CPZ) This will allow us to widen the pavements and allow better social distancing:

  • Baldwin Street 
  • St Stephens Street 
  • St Stephens Avenue 
  • Clare Street 
  • Broad Street 

This suspension could last for several months, depending on government guidance. You’ll still be able to access these streets for loading and deliveries. Blue badge parking on double yellow lines will continue as long as it does not block roads or pavements.

Parking permits

Any parking permits affected by this change will now be valid in:

  • Redcliff Street
  • High Street
  • Marsh Street (Queen Square Side of Baldwin Street)
  • Queen Charlotte Street

Check other planned road closures and current roadworks on Travel West.

Make a suggestion

Visit our COVID-19 transport request page to suggest walking and cycling improvements that would make social distancing easier and reduce risks of spreading coronavirus.

You can:

  • tell us about safety concerns
  • ask us to make physical changes
  • suggest a one way system on high streets
  • ask to have new parking restrictions in place to create or increase number of cycle lanes

If you have any queries, you can:

Plan your journey

Plan your journeys using:

Check operator websites for coronavirus (COVID-19) safety advice for travelling on public transport.