The annual canvass

The annual canvass

How to complete the 2021 household response canvass.

Updating your electoral registration details email

You may receive an email from electoral services prompting you to look out for the form we will send you in the post in early August. You do not need to respond to the email.

Fill in our form if you want to unsubscribe from emails about your electoral registration.

Every year we send a canvass form to all residential properties in the city to check who’s eligible to register to vote.
You will receive a letter from us. Read it carefully. If you’re required to respond and fail to reply then we’ll send you a reminder.

Canvassers visit properties where a form has not been returned. 

Wherever possible, you should consider responding:

  • online
  • by telephone
  • by text message

The revised electoral register will be published on 1 December 2021.

How to respond

Read the information in your letter carefully to:

  • check whether or not you need to respond
  • that all the information is correct

It’s quicker to respond using online or text options. You’ll need your unique two part security code printed on the form. 

Some properties only need to reply if there’s a change. Your property form provides more information.

You can reply: 

  • online
  • by phone  0800 197 9871 at any time, enter your two part security codes when prompted
  • by text or SMS to 80212 and in the message type NO CHANGE followed by your security codes 
  • by post, make sure you complete the form fully, provide all of the information requested and that you have signed the form

What happens next

The form lists everyone currently registered to vote at the property and we use this to update the information on the electoral register. 

By completing and returning the form you are not registering to vote, only informing us of the names of the people who should be on the electoral register at the property.

If you:

  • ADD someone to the form, they’ll be sent a green ‘Invitation to Register Form’ so that they can register to vote 
  • DELETE anyone from the form, we’ll write to the individual to confirm they no longer live there

Special category electors

Your name will not appear on the form sent to the property if you're a special category elector, such as a service voter.

About the Electoral Register

The Electoral Register is not published in the months of October or November during the annual Canvass. The revised register will be published on 1 December 2021. This is a statutory requirement. 

If you have any questions about the form or your electoral registration, you can: