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Results of the Bristol Mayor, Police and Crime Commissioner and Local Elections 5 May 2016

Election results 2016

Local Elections

Local Elections 2016 results

Watch the webcast of the declarations

Read our  press release Local Elections 2016 (for your councillors) results on our press site.

Local election citywide turnout and Local election turnout by Ward

Bristol Mayoral election

Bristol Mayoral Election 2016 results and turnout

Watch the webcast of the Bristol Mayoral Election Results 2016.

Police and Crime Commissioner election

Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2016 results.

Police and Crime Commissioner turnout

Results from past elections

Local elections (for your councillors)

See the election results finder for all local election results since 4 May 1995.

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Bristol Mayoral Elections

Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

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