Bristol Disability Equality Commission

Bristol Disability Equality Commission

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On 21 September 2020 Deputy Mayor for Communities, Equalities and Public Health, Asher Craig announced the launching of the Mayor’s Disability Equality Commission. 

The commission is being established in recognition of the inequalities faced by Disabled people in the city, and the negative impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on Disabled people. 

The commission will hold a series of consultations to listen to the position of Disabled people in Bristol. Engaging Bristol’s diverse and under-represented Disabled people in meaningful dialogue about their experiences and issues that affect their lives and what they feel the priorities are, such as transport, employment, housing, social care support. There will be discussions about the implications of current government policies around choice and the importance of recognising how to empower communities through engagement. Building effective working relationships for ongoing partnerships with stakeholders and service providers across the city.

These consultations will support the commission to identify an initial list of priorities to review and use to develop a strategic plan to tackle disability inequality in Bristol. Develop relationships and maintain an ongoing dialogue with local people and communities, using the information obtained to influence future decisions and present recommendations to the Mayor and One City boards.

Bristol’s new Disability Equality Commission is a Mayoral commission and will receive support from the Council but will focus on the whole city and will therefore be firmly rooted within the One City approach. It is important that the whole city is involved and that the commission is accessible to all social demographics to start a more inclusive conversation about disability. 

We are now recruiting for the independent Chair of the commission to lead the establishment, development and delivery of the Bristol Disability Equality Commission and embed Disability Equality in policy and practice across the City. Following the appointment of the independent Chair, they will then lead on the procurement process to assign the organisation that will hold the Disability Equality Commission and recruit the Commissioners. It is hoped the commission will be officially launched by September 2021, when it will be handed over to a Disability Equality organisation in Bristol who will help to support and co-ordinate the commission’s work. 

If you are a Disabled person, a Disabled staff network, an organisation of Disabled people or an organisation working on Disabled people’s issues and would like to be included in the initial consultations please email: