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What traders say about the Bristol Eating Better Award

Yakinori testimonial

"We’re delighted to have achieved a silver Bristol Eating Better Award.

We’re excited to be doing our bit to help Bristol eat better. We look forward to incorporating more initiatives to improve further.

Ali Karakaya, Yakinori managing director

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Sausagenius testimonial quote


"The Bristol Eating Better awards illustrates how you can take a product generally regarded as processed and a more unhealthy option and make it into something much more nutritious and higher quality."

James, Sausagenius co-owner

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Kabala kitchen testimonial

"The independent rating system is really useful in helping [customers] choose food outlets which are committed to providing healthy options, as well as those which hold the same social and environmental values as themselves."

Alice Kabala, Kabala Kitchen co-founder

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Cod almighty testimonial

"Even though there is a price difference between using different packaging, my customers have been very supportive.

I would definitely advise other chippies to follow suit...eating healthy is the way forward. "

Andy Rymarz, Cod Almighty owner

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Maize Blaze testimonial quote

"The more I learnt, the more I incorporated these factors into the menus we have today.

I really think it has paid off because people trust that our food is healthy and filling."

Ruth Christianson, Maize Blaze founder


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Ashton Court Cafe testimonial

"We are determined to be a part of the Bristol Eating Better Campaign and we want to do our bit towards the Bristol Going for Gold Bid in the sustainable food cities awards."

Jayne Grocock, Bristol Parks and Green Spaces Catering Manager

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