Why you should apply

Why you should apply for a Bristol Eating Better Award

How achieving the Bristol Eating Better Award helps your business.

By getting a Bristol Eating Better Award, you can show your existing and potential customers that you’re committed to offering healthier food, sourced, prepared and served in a sustainable way.

The Bristol Eating Better Award could be good for your business because:

  • customers want healthier food: the Citizen Survey sent out to over 2,000 Bristol residents showed that people want healthier food options they can chose from
  • small actions count: you won’t need to completely change the kinds of food and drink you offer, small changes count towards winning an award
  • it’s a quick and easy way to boost your business profile: it takes about 20 minutes to fill in an application, and there’s no fee to apply
  • you’ll be Sugar Smart: doing all the core actions will automatically win you a Sugar Smart award
  • you’d be helping the environment: the award could help you reduce food waste, single use plastic, and the carbon footprint of your business
  • you’d be helping Bristol to Go for Gold: by winning an award, you’d be joining city wide efforts to help Bristol become the first city in the UK to win gold in the Sustainable Food Cities award
  • you’ll be supporting local suppliers: some of the actions of the award are about supporting local farmers, growers, traders, and makers by buying local produce


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Eat a Pitta award winner

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