How to earn Bristol Healthy Schools badges or awards

How to earn Bristol Healthy Schools badges or awards

Get recognition for your hard work around health and wellbeing.

Applications for our awards and badges are now open to any school in Bristol working with 4-16 year olds. This includes primary, secondary, independent, alternative and special schools as well as Pupil Referral Units.

Our programme is free and you can find information and paperwork for each badge, and our Mayor’s Award, on the Awards pages.

Our new Healthy Schools awards programme

Our award programme offers topic-based badges. The focus is on promoting positive health and wellbeing through implementing best practice in schools.

You can work towards as many badges as you’d like.

You can also achieve our four core badges, two at advanced level, to earn the Mayor’s Award for Excellence. Our core badges are:

What your school needs to do to get a badge

Step 1: Register your interest with Healthy Schools

Email and let us know you’re interested in the Healthy Schools award scheme.

We’ll allocate you a member of the Healthy Schools team to help you get started. While we can work with any school, our work is targeted, which means we focus on offering additional support to schools:

  • in deprived areas of the city
  • that work with vulnerable children or young people

Step 2: Assess your pupils’ health

We’ll give you:

  • information about our awards
  • a Health Data Pack outlining the main health issues in your school and local community, using both Public Health data and results from the Bristol wide Pupil Voice survey of primary and secondary school students

We’ll support you:

  • to understand this health data, so you can decide which badges to work towards
  • in thinking about other forms of evidence that might help you choose which badge to work towards, for example Pupil Voice surveys, in-school surveys,  school held data and staff views

Step 3: Establish Health Action Group (HAG) and begin initial assessment

Your school needs to establish a HAG, which should include:

  • teachers
  • members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
  • governors
  • pastoral staff
  • pupils and parents

The HAG will help coordinate the Healthy Schools work and also be a forum to make decisions.

You and the HAG will need to think about who in your setting might lead the work, for example a PSHE teacher can lead on the PSHE badge.

The lead person, with support from the HAG and SLT, will assess your school against the badge’s criteria. You can find the criteria for each badge under the individual badges pages.

Step 4: Make an action plan and get started

Using the initial assessment, create an action plan with target dates and shared responsibilities, so a single person doesn’t do all the work.

If training is a requirement, book on to training as a priority e.g Healthy School’s Food and Nutrition training.  

Put Healthy Schools work in your School Improvement Plan.

The Head Teacher or SLT should tell the whole school about your commitment to becoming a Healthy School.

You need to achieve your badge or badges within a 6 to 18 month period.

Advanced level: Design an intervention

You can move onto our advanced level badges at this stage.

Returning to the available health data, begin thinking about a health or wellbeing issue that you’d like to tackle through an intervention. An intervention is a behaviour change plan. 

Using the guidance, and with support from the Healthy Schools team, design either a targeted or whole-school intervention that will last between 6 and 12 months.

Depending on results, your school may want to continue the intervention or redesign it.

Our support

We’ll support you throughout the process.

If you need help at any point, you can also:


How to apply

Email the Healthy Schools team at to let us know you’re interested, and telling us which badge or award you want to work towards.

We’ll then either arrange to meet face to face or talk over the phone to get you going.

How long it takes

The timescale for achieving any of our Healthy Schools badges is 6 to 18 months.

You have an additional 12 months to complete the advanced level of any badge but it’s possible to complete both within the initial 18 months.

Interventions related to your advanced badge should run for at least six months.

Your badges are valid for three years from award date. They can be revalidated to maintain the award and the Healthy Schools team will support you to do this.

How we evaluate your work

A member of the Healthy Schools team will go through your evidence against the badge criteria. You can find the badge criteria and what evidence you need to give on each badge page.

If we find any gaps or evidence you can improve, we’ll give you feedback to help you pass. You’ll have the opportunity to re-submit your work.

For the Advanced badge, we’ll:

  • assess your submission to check:
    • that the school used available health and wellbeing data to inform decisions
    • that the intervention you designed was appropriate to the overall aim
    • that the method you chose to measure results was appropriate and well designed
  • look at whether your intervention worked, specifically that you saw at least a 10% change in the behaviour your intervention targeted

How we reward your work

When your school achieves a badge, we’ll send you a certificate, as well as the relevant logos, which you can add onto your website and letterheads.

We’ll also feature you on our website, so your local community and other schools can learn about the work your pupils and staff did to earn the badge.

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