How working towards an award helps your school

How working towards an award helps your school

Why you should work towards one of our badges.

By working towards an award, your school can focus on specific health issues your pupils might have and change their behaviour. This will also help your school to meet best practice standards on specific health issues.    

Working towards an award:

  • improves pupil health and wellbeing
  • improves results because, as government reports show, happy, healthy children do better in school
  • means your school can use evidence from the award to help with OFSTED inspections
  • gets recognition for the school’s hard work
  • helps staff with their Continued Professional Development
  • can improve staff wellbeing
  • shows families with pupils at your school, and the local community, that you’re committed to improving health and wellbeing

By completing an award, your school will join the growing network of schools in the city achieving Healthy Schools awards. 

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