Physical activity badge

Physical activity badge

What is the Physical Activity badge and what your school needs to do to achieve it.

Being physically active is important for our health and wellbeing. Children and young people in England don’t move enough. 

We know that:

  • a third of year 6 children in Bristol leave primary school overweight or obese
  • nationally, only a fifth of children get the recommended one hour of physical activity a day

We're reviewing the awards scheme and aren’t taking new applications for this badge. The review will be finished in October 2019.

About the Physical Activity badge

The Physical Activity badge outlines best practice in the delivery of Physical Activity and includes Physical Education. There’s one badge aimed at primary schools and another for secondary schools.

Our aim with this badge is to help schools:

  • build a culture of physical activity throughout their school day
  • get pupils enjoying sports and travelling to school actively
  • address some of the barriers pupils might have to being active

Our guidance closely follows evidence based interventions and national guidance.

This badge is one of our core badges, which means it counts towards the Mayor’s Award for Excellence.

Advanced Physical Activity badge

If you decide to do the Advanced Physical Activity badge, the Healthy Schools team will work with you to:

  • focus on a specific physical activity issue for your school, for example an increase in girls taking part in sports
  • design a behaviour change plan, for example designing and implementing a set of lessons to a targeted group

Physical Activity badge criteria

The criteria we’ll use to assess your submission are:

  • the school has a culture, ethos and environment that promotes and supports physical activity
  • the school provides a set amount of Physical Education (PE) per week and, at primary level, at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day
  • the school meets the needs of all pupils in relation to Physical Activity
  • the school promotes safe, active travel to school for pupils, parents, carers and staff

We have advice, training and resources, such as lesson plans and example policies, on our Physical Activity topic page

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