SEND inclusion audit template for schools

SEND inclusion audit template for schools

Complete a special educational needs and disabilities inclusion audit to make sure your school is compliant with the SEND Code of Practice 2015.

What is the SEND inclusion audit

The audit report breaks down the requirements of the SEND Code of Practice 2015 and gives information on how the SEND Reforms are being put into practice in Bristol.

Read the SEND Inclusion Audit Report 2016/17 (word doc, 442KB) (opens new window) to find out:

  • how schools are participating in the development of Bristol’s Local Offer
  • what our performance is like compared to other councils with similar populations
  • what training staff have within schools

Why a SEND inclusion audit helps your school

The SEND Code of Practice focuses on how schools organise their provision and account for the money they spend on pupils with SEND.

Auditing your provision helps you:

  • evaluate pupils’ progress
  • plan the development of your SEN information report 
  • track progress and consider the areas your school might need to develop next
  • record the actions you’ve planned for SEND provision in the school

When completed, this document will give you an overview of SEND at your school that will help clarify the:

  • numbers of pupils with SEND at your school
  • types of SEND pupils at your school 
  • provision your school is making to meet the needs of pupils with SEND
  • transition arrangements your school makes for pupils with SEND
  • SEND funding and costs
  • outcomes of pupils with SEND
  • planning needed to improve SEND support and provision

Completing an inclusion audit also:

  • helps us understand what SEND provision there is in education settings across the whole of Bristol
  • helps educational psychologists decide what support is needed 

What happens after you complete the audit

The SEND inclusion audit will help you to better understand your SEND provision and what you can do to improve it.  The results from the audit:

  • gives you the information you need for an annual report 
  • supports what training different services make to schools

Complete the SEND inclusion audit

Return your completed SEND Inclusion Audit to us by the end of term three: