Emergency foster carers

Emergency foster carers

How to be an emergency foster carer during the COVID 19 situation.

Bristol has an amazing group of more than 300 foster carers, many of whom have come to fostering after their birth children have grown up or following a different career. There are also many kinship caring grandparents, providing full-time care for their grandchildren.

This means that a large proportion of carers are at heightened risk from the coronavirus (COVID-19) and many will need to self-isolate, with more expected in the coming weeks. 

As the city becomes more vulnerable and families less resilient, the council is expecting an increase in the number of children who will need the support and care.

We therefore urgently need more foster carers who can help our children and our existing carers during the pandemic.  

We have devised a new, shorter type of assessment that takes account of the government advice on social distancing whilst being intensive and thorough. 

There will also be a comprehensive package of supervision and support once a child is with you, to ensure that the arrangements are robust and safe for everyone.  

You’ll have: 

  • a fostering social worker who will give you support and advice every day to begin with
  • 24 hour support which includes a dedicated phone line in the evenings and weekends
  • access to our therapeutic placement support service which will offer video link training as well as individual and group support for the children and for you 
  • dedicated, skilled and experienced existing foster carers’ help available via a video link to offer you guidance and expertise as one-to-one buddies

Can you help provide care to the most vulnerable children in Bristol during this difficult time? 

Call us on 0117 353 4200 or email to find out more. 

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