BME and Muslim carers

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and Muslim carers

If you’re Muslim or come from a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) background, we especially encourage you to become a foster carer with us.

Bristol is a diverse city with a diverse population of children in care. Across the city, people speak 91 languages, come from 187 countries and practice at least 45 religions. 

Approximately 200 children in care in Bristol are Muslim or from a BME background. Some are Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Minors.  

As with all children who are fostered, it’s important that Muslim and BME children have carers who best suit their needs. 

We want to take on foster carers from a wide range of ethnicities and faiths, so we can place children with a family that best matches their background.

If you’re Muslim or come from a BME background, we’d love to hear from you.

BME children in care

Having carers who ‘look like their family’ helps children of BME background to get a better sense of belonging in their foster care household.

"It makes me less different and I like that she can do my hair properly."

Shaliyah, aged 8, likes that her foster carer looks like her

BME children in foster care may also need support to appreciate their cultural heritage.

BME foster carers are better placed to help children:

  • develop a sense of identity, pride and achievement
  • keep in touch with their cultural heritage and history
  • build and maintain a connection to their community and religion

Muslim children in care

We want to place Muslim children in our care with foster carers who can help them practice and understand their faith, by supporting the children’s religious practices and education. 

"I am in a fortunate position, being of Muslim faith myself, to have connections in the Muslim community… so it is easy for me to support a child with their faith and help them feel at home.

More Muslim people should come forward to provide that chance for a child to have that comfort."

Mo, Muslim carer and adopter for over 15 years

You can find more information about being a Muslim foster carer on the Muslim Foster Network website.

You may also find it useful to discuss fostering with your local imam.

Our support

In addition to the support we give all our foster carers, we have:

  • a support group for Black carers
  • loads of resources on meeting the specific needs of BME children
  • the opportunity to buddy up with an experienced foster carer of BME children
  • specific training and support if you’re interested in caring for an Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Minor 

Muslim carer quote