Younger children

Younger children

What it’s like to foster children up to the age of 13, and what skills and qualities you’ll need to be a good foster carer for them.

Children can come into care at any age. Some may stay for a short time; others may need a loving and safe home until they can live on their own.

Some children might get upset and worried when they move away from the home they’ve always known, into a new house.

Many children in foster care have had traumatic experiences and may feel lonely, afraid or confused. This might make them behave in ways you’re not used to or expecting.

What skills you need to foster children up to 13 years old

To be a good foster carer for children up to 13 years old, you need to:

  • be a good listener and be able to communicate with children in a way that’s appropriate for their age
  • be able to set boundaries, manage behaviour in a positive and effective way, and help children feel safe and secure
  • have the energy and motivation to look after a child even through more challenging times
  • have a sense of humour

We can help you develop these skills and qualities with preparation training, and your social worker’s support and advice.

You’ll also have continuing development and learning opportunities during and in between placements.

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