Why choose us

Why foster for Bristol City Council

Why you should choose to foster with us, and how we’re different to other organisations you can foster with.

By becoming one of our foster carers, you’ll join an experienced and supportive specialist community of carers and staff.

There are many reasons why people choose to foster with us, including:

  • we are a not-for-profit fostering agency
  • regular placements
  • training and support before, during, and in between placements, including your own dedicated social worker
  • regular contact with other carers and our fostering team
  • rewards and discounts in Bristol and nationally
  • the satisfaction of doing something for your city
  • moving to us from an independent fostering agency is quick and easy

Not for profit

As a local authority, we are a not-for-profit agency. This means it’s the children who benefit most from what we do. A large proportion of our financial resources goes towards helping our children find the right fostering placements, and training and support for you.

Regular placements

We’re responsible for all the children in care in Bristol. As a general rule, we will place children with our in-house carers first. Our carers usually have one or more children living with them all year round.

Having children placed with you on a regular basis means you can rely on the regular payments and allowances that we give to all of our carers.

Training and support

Support from us

We know that fostering can be challenging at times. We’re always here to support you throughout each placement

As one of our foster carers, you’ll have your own allocated social worker and you’ll benefit from regular telephone calls and visits.  

We run local support groups where you can meet other carers and discuss your experiences as well as get useful tips and advice on the day-to-day practicalities of fostering.

We also encourage foster carers to help each other, through our Buddy Scheme.

"…if situations arise that I am unsure of or [I am] in need of a bit of guidance, as some behaviour can be very challenging, support is always at hand day or night."

Nikki, long-term foster carer since 2006

Training and support from local organisations

As a foster carer for us, you’ll have access to:

Regular contact

We know that being a foster carer can be challenging, so we make sure we stay in regular contact with you while you’re fostering with us.

This includes:

  • regular social events for you and your family, where you can meet other foster carers
  • events for your own birth children, as important members of your foster family
  • a newsletter every two months, with news, events, training and local discounts for our foster carers

Rewards and discounts

If you decide to become one of our foster carers, we’ll give you:

  • a MaxCard, a discount card offering money off family attractions nationwide
  • a cash reward scheme if you get one of your friends or relatives to foster with us
  • free entry for foster carers to Bristol Museum and Galleries exhibitions
  • free membership at 10 Bristol leisure and sports venues for gym use, sports activities, swimming pool use and swimming lessons 

Doing something for Bristol

We aim to place Bristol children with local families, to help them:

  • stay in touch with their friends
  • carry on studying in the same school
  • be close to their community

Our fostering team, social workers, trainers, education specialists and healthcare therapists all work closely together to make sure we offer complete care to the child and support to you.

As one of our foster carers giving a Bristol child a welcoming and supportive home, in which you can help them reach their potential, you can take pride in knowing you’re actively helping our city thrive.

It’s quick and easy to transfer to us

You could move to us from an independent fostering agency in as little as 28 days.