Improvements to the lake area in St George Park

Improvements to the lake area in St George Park

What the improvements are, when we’re doing the work.

What the improvements are

We’re doing restoration work on the Victorian lake in St George Park from November 2021 for 6 months.

We’re investing £400,000 to improve the:

  • facilities on and around the lake for local residents and visitors
  • natural environment for birds and other wildlife


  • repair footpaths around the lake
  • replace and strengthen the lake’s walls
  • add a new boardwalk so that children can watch wildlife and take samples from the lake to learn about nature and conservation

We’ll use silt from the lake to make new wetland areas for:

  • wildfowl
  • amphibious creatures, such as frogs and newts
  • insects

We’ll also make a natural amphitheatre on the side of the lake for outdoor performances.

When we’re doing the work

The area around the lake will be closed to the public from Wednesday 17 November 2021 so that we can install security and safety fencing.

The main work will begin on 22 November 2021 and will take around 6 months. This is because we have to remove and rebuild the existing lake edge wall in stages so that the footpath doesn’t collapse. We’ve also allowed more time for bad weather, because we’re doing the work in winter and early spring. The area around the lake will be closed until the work is finished.

We’re sorry if the work causes any inconvenience for people who use St George Park.