What your school can do to be sugar smart

Schools are taking steps to help pupils reduce their sugar intake.

Children spend six hours a day, or 30 hours a week, or 1,170 hours a year in school. 

Children may have up to two meals a day in school.

Recent data shows that over a third of children in year six in Bristol are now above a healthy weight. And a quarter of five year olds in Bristol have tooth decay.

The average five year old eats their own body weight in sugar in just one year!

Healthy schools competition 

Entry for the healthy schools competition has now closed.

Thank you to all those who entered and we'll put the results here when they're ready.

Bristol Healthy Schools

Bristol Healthy Schools are asking schools in Bristol to pledge to be a Sugar Smart Schools.

We are asking schools to make at least four of the seven pledges below to become a Sugar Smart School:

1. Our school will undertake three Sugar Smart assembelies per school year

Resources to support these assemblies will be available on our Bristol Healthy Schools website.

2. Our school will promote the Sugar Smart logo and key messages via our school website, the school newsletter and in and around school. .

3. Our school will be proud to be compliant to the national school food standards for lunch and for food other than school lunch

4. Our schools will have a Sugar Smart school Breakfast club.

To do this the school pledges to undertake at least 2 of 3 the following in addition to complying to school food standards for food other than lunch:

  • Dilute fruit juice 50/50
  • Have at least 2 days free of sugary toast toppings try opting for such as; mashed banana, marmite, eggs, cheese, soft cheese, low sugar baked beans, spaghetti hoops, tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms, hummus, tuna, mackerel, ham or tofu
  • Offer natural yogurts with fruit to sweeten rather than sugary flavoured yogurts

5. Our school will actively promote and encourage  Sugar Smart drinks throughout the school site i.e. water and milk

6. Our school will participate in  Fruity Fridays with everybody in school bringing and buying only fresh fruit / veg and Sugar Smart drinks for tuck

7. Adopt the Bristol Sugar Smart workplace declaration

Find out more about The Mayor’s Award for Health Promoting Schools.

Bristol’s Youth Council

In December 2016, we held a youth debate in the Council Chamber and discussed if Bristol should become a Sugar Smart City.

This debate is avaible to view below.

We are grateful to all the young people who took part and shared their views which are now shaping the Sugar Smart programme