What your workplace can do to be sugar smart

What your workplace can do to be sugar smart

Employees spend 60% of their waking hours at work and this usually includes at least one meal time and several beverages.

Workplaces are  important settings for improving employee’s health, which can significantly reduce sickness absence and result in happier, healthier and more productive staff.
All businesses, large or small, can get involved and help their staff become Sugar Smart. 

You could do something as simple as putting up posters or challenging colleagues to give up sugary drinks for a week, or bring in fruit instead of team cakes or biscuits.

If you have a work canteen, you could alert them to the Bristol Eating Better Award that includes Sugar Smart commitments aimed at promoting healthier food and drink in food outlets and workplaces.

Top tips to help workplaces become Sugar Smart

Change the environment

  • is there a purchasing policy to buy low / no-added sugar products and ingredients where possible?
  • is the addition of sugar being minimised during food preparation?
  • are low/no-added sugar items being offered as an alternative to traditional sugary items?
  • is free tap water promoted?
  • are staff encouraged to drink less sugary drinks?
  • are healthier options signposted and promoted on menus and in displays etc?
  • does the pricing policy encourage people to buy healthier options?

Spread the word to colleagues and customers

  • display the sugar content posters and 330ml sugary drinks posters around your workplace, or near vending machines
  • share the Sugarsmart leaflet
  • scan food and drink products using the free Change4Life Food Smart app to find out how much sugar they contain, and encourage colleagues to do the same 
  • share healthy recipes via email or on your intranet

Take a challenge or hold an event

  • take a Sugar Smart challenge
  • host a Sugar Smart event such as an information stall, lunchtime learning session, or cookery demonstration

Tell us how you’ll be Sugar Smart

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