Best practice for supporting deaf pupils (online training)

Best practice for supporting deaf pupils (online training)

This is an online course based on best practice for teachers and teaching assistants who are supporting deaf pupils in nurseries and schools. 

Support is provided by Teachers of the Deaf from the Hearing Support Team.

The course runs twice a year.

What the course covers

The course covers:

  • the impact of a hearing loss on development 
  • technology used with pupils 
  • hearing loss and additional needs
  • why assessment is important and the information it can provide 
  • strategies for including pupils with a hearing loss

Benefits of the course 

During this course you’ll:

  • learn at your own pace with access to up-to-date materials and videos
  • have the opportunity to contribute to discussions with other professionals in online forums
  • view real case studies across all ages and settings
  • join face to face sessions arranged with your tutors from the Hearing Support Team