Guidance for applicants - Sports Facilities Transfer -


We accepted Expressions of Interest from Wednesday 9 December until Wednesday 31 March. 

Criteria we will be taking into consideration:

  • Is your expression of interest cost neutral to the council?
  • Will your activities or operational needs have an adverse impact on other activities in the park, or would they be complimentary?
  • Will your expression of interest have a positive impact on the community?
  • Do you have community support for your idea? If not how will you go about getting this?
  • How do you propose to maintain the facilities in the future?
  • How will you raise any additional funding you need?
  • What health and safety considerations have you taken into account?

Expressions of interest that will not be considered:

  • Expressions of interest that could harm other aspects of the park that are important (for example habitats, registered landscapes, scheduled monuments, events, commercial income)
  • Requests to buy outright any or part of our parks sports facilities
  • Expressions of interest which ask to use our parks and green spaces or assets within them for inappropriate purposes that go against current bylaws or planning policies
  • Political or lobbying activities

Expression of interest stages

Stage one

We’ll assess the submissions against these and other considerations. Some submissions will be rejected, some we may have questions about and some will proceed to the next stage. If we want to check things with you or have questions about your expression of interest, we will seek a conversation with you.

If your expression of interest is not complete or possible at this stage, we will offer feedback and may encourage you to resubmit your expression of interest once any challenges have been addressed.

Stage two

We will assess all submissions that have passed stage one to determine who will be the preferred sports operators. In some cases multiple organisations could operate facilities within one park. In other cases we may suggest organisations work together to develop a joint submission.

If your submission requires a licence, transfer or leasing arrangement, existing process will need to be followed to make sure all legal requirements are met. If your proposal is a commercial activity then full procurement processes will be required if we decide to take this forward.

Expression of Interest

Expression of interest

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