How to use The HOPE's data system

How to use The HOPE's data system

About the Establishment Portal, how to log on, when to use it.

What is the Establishment Portal

The secure online Establishment Portal helps us to monitor and track the progress of Bristol’s children in care and care leavers.

It also has information on young people looked after by other local authorities who are educated in a Bristol setting.

You should use the Establishment Portal to let us know about a young person’s:

  • progress
  • outcomes
  • attendance and exclusions (if your school doesn’t give this to Bristol City Council electronically or via Welfare Call)

In future, PEP forms and any related documents will also be managed via the Portal.

See our Establishment Portal guidance (pdf, 1.5MB) (opens new window) .

How to get an account for the Establishment Portal

The HOPE contacts the designated teacher when a Bristol child in care starts at an education setting. We set you up as a Portal user and send you guidance on how to use the Portal. You can then create a username and password.

When to use the Establishment Portal

You must enter progress and outcomes data for Bristol young people in care on the Portal. The deadlines for when to enter the data are set out in the letter about CiC Pupil Premium Compliance that The HOPE sends out each year.

You must enter attendance data for children in care placed for adoption at the end of each of the 6 terms.

If you have a child in care from another local authority at your setting and you cannot see them on the Portal, use the message system to let us know. You should also message us if you can see a child in care who is no longer at your establishment. Use the ‘Not seeing expected pupils?’ function to send us a message.