What kind of ideas we'd like

What kind of ideas we'd like for the library service

What the library service community events are about, what kind of ideas and suggestions we'd like and how this will make the service and buildings more relevant to the neighbourhood and local people

What we’re doing

We’re keeping libraries open while we work with you to find solutions for the library service so it meets the needs of each local area.

Watch this short video about the libraries conversations that we're holding to talk about the service. Councillor Asher Craig is the Bristol deputy mayor, with responsibility for communities, events and equalities.

We need to put in place a service that will:

  • work for future generations
  • actively involve local people
  • be well connected to everything else that’s going on locally

We’re holding community events to talk to local people and organisations about helping us to create this service.

The meetings will build on feedback and ideas from previous meetings and consultations.

Everybody’s ideas are important because we want to build a library service that everybody can enjoy.

If you can’t come to a meeting, you’ll be able to tell us your suggestions in an online ideas form.

What we want to discuss

We want to look at:

  • what each local community needs
  • the facilities each local community already has

What type of ideas we want

We want you to come to the meetings with both small and large ideas for the library service.

Your ideas could be:

  • small things that can be started quickly
  • bigger things about how we provide the service in the future
  • about the community getting more use out of a library building
  • about how the community can lead this work
  • build on suggestions already raised in 2015 and 2017
  • projects that a community can lead

This could include:

  • going into partnership with local community groups
  • expanding what a library offers
  • what services are available alongside the library

What we’ll do after the meetings

We’ll work with the community to take forward ideas and suggestions as pilot projects. This could involve:

  • working with local organisations
  • working with local businesses
  • individuals in the community leading an initiative