Apply to temporarily suspend a residents' bay, shared-use bay, pay and display bay, limited waiting bay, or a bay in one of our car parks.

When you can suspend a parking bay

You can apply to suspend a parking bay if:

  • it helps the movement of traffic
  • it makes the area around the space safer
  • building work, such as demolition or excavation, is being carried out next to the space
  • it's needed for domestic removal
  • it's for a wedding, funeral or other special event


It costs £35 per day to suspend a designated parking bay for one vehicle up to five metres long.

Off-street bay suspensions will be charged additional VAT.

How to apply

You must allow three working days for your application to be processed.

You'll need:

  • registration numbers for all your vehicles
  • any images or documents that explain the work that you plan to do. You'll be able to upload these to the form
  • if you're a council employee, your account code and cost code

Apply to suspend a parking bay

We won't contact you to tell you your application has been approved; we'll only contact you if we need more information.