Key information from the 2021 Census for Bristol.

Census 2021 results for Bristol

Bristol Census 2021 results are presented via 2 new dashboards:

The new Census Data Profiles dashboard includes:

  • Area Profiles: all census indicators for a selected geographic area
  • Topic Profiles: an individual indicator mapped across the city

Topics now available in both dashboards include:

  • Population and migration
  • Country of birth, ethnicity, religion and language
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Health, disability and carers
  • Economic activity status and hours worked
  • Socio-economic groups, industry and occupation
  • Mode and distance travelled to work
  • Qualifications
  • Veterans
  • Housing type and tenure
  • Central heating and car availability
  • Occupancy and bedrooms
  • Household composition, size and deprivation

Find an pdf accessible version of the analysis in the Bristol Census Dashboard (306 KB) .

ONS National tools

ONS have created several interactive tools for looking at and mapping the Census 2021 data, including:

  • Census maps, an interactive tool to explore Census 2021 topic summary data down to a neighbourhood level
  • Change over time, to see how Bristol has changed since the 2011 Census
  • Custom Profiles, to build a custom area profile for Bristol using Census 2021 data
  • Area Profiles, to view Census 2021 data tables for Bristol (on Nomis)

Find more detail on what the pdf best tool to use to get the census data is (125 KB) .

What's next

For the latest information on publication plans go to the ONS Census 2021 outputs release plans.

2011 Census

Go to the 2011 Census page for statistics, local area profiles, equalities profiles and background information.