After our extensive research and engagement, we've identified a number of changes we can make to improve people’s experience of the Housing Register.


Applications will be made more user-friendly and easier to understand by:

  • reorganising the way questions are asked
  • simplifying the questions
  • reducing the amount of information that's required, where possible

The revised version will be tested with applicants before being implemented.

Changing the application is heavily dependent on the underlying technology and may only happen when the technology refresh takes place.


We intend to provide more communication to keep applicants informed. 

This will include:

  • using video and diagrams
  • improving the standard of written communication
  • looking at how we can make sure more communication gets to the applicant

Information and guidance

We intend to provide more information up front about the likelihood of being housed, more easy-to-understand explanations about each step of the process and more information about other ways to find housing.

We will also be making improvements to the way we advertise properties to provide more clear, consistent and complete information where possible.