Summary of the research we've done to review the way we let council and social housing across the city.

In conducting the review on the way we let council and social housing across the city we’ve consulted with a number of groups, residents and organisations.

We’ve attempted to invite and listen to the perspectives of those whose voices may not always get heard. 

We sought a wide range of input from different sources to inform our understanding about what is working, what is not working, and what needs to change. 

Summary of the research activities

  • Report: Rethinking Allocations Summary: findings of initial desk-based research and analysis 
  • 2020 Survey Report: results of initial survey
  • 2020 Locality Report: findings from a series of four community events 
  • Expert opinion paper commissioned from Andy Gale Housing Consultancy 
  • Opinion papers from advisory services: Shelter and Bristol Law Centre
  • Focus Groups made up of people representing various special interests: people with experience of domestic violence and hate crime, Adult Social Care, young people, older people, healthcare, people living with disability, people experiencing homelessness and various staff groups
  • Journey Mapping Final Report: Findings from a series of four workshops involving representatives from multiple organisations and stakeholder groups
  • Conversations with other local authorities, and review of their policies: particularly those that have recently been updated, for example Manchester and Birmingham 

All of the above informed the proposals for change. 

If you would like to see copies of these research documents, email