Scrutiny in Bristol

The role of Scrutiny in the council.

Scrutiny helps the council and partners make decisions that reflect the opinions, wishes and priorities of the people of Bristol.

It is led by councillors to:

  • help the Mayor with policy development
  • review council performance
  • analyse current policies

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Changes for 2017

In 2017 the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board (OSMB) reviewed how Scrutiny was working to find new and better ways of working. New proposals are being tested and a mission statement has been agreed:

"To make a positive difference for the citizens of Bristol and deliver the right outcomes, by helping Bristol City Council make better decisions."

Until the trial has finished the existing commission structure and terms of reference will continue, as set out in the Constitution.

There will be 11 priority topics for Scrutiny to focus on:

  • Parks becoming cost neutral
  • Council commissioning and contracts, including social value
  • Demand on adults and children’s social services
  • Council assets
  • Cribbs Patchway new neighbourhood
  • Air quality and pollution
  • Children’s centres
  • Libraries
  • Tower block fire safety
  • Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP)
  • Bristol City Youth Council

Each topic will be scrutinised by a task and finish group, or working group.

Each group will be led by a member of the OSMB, or a previous Scrutiny Commission Chair or Vice Chair, and a Scrutiny Officer will help to to ensure the groups aims and objectives are met.

All reports and recommendations from the groups are published and heard in a public forum. This may be an OSMB meeting or a separate public or commission meeting.

Monthly updates from each of the groups will be published online.

The OSMB meets in public every month and there is a public forum item on every agenda for members of the public to submit a question or statement to the committee. There is more information in the public information sheet on every meeting agenda.

For more information about Scrutiny email