Library printing, photocopying, faxing and microfiche charges

Library printing, photocopying and microfiche charges

Find how much it costs to print, photocopy and use microfiche in our libraries.

Not all of these services will be available in every library.


  • black and white A4: 10p, first 10 sheets per session free to children under 15
  • colour A4 : 60p, 25p to children under 15
  • chargeable databases, black and white A4, copies by staff: 40p

Photocopying: self-service, per sheet

  • black and white A4: 10p
  • black and white A3: 20p
  • A4 microfiche: 50p
  • A3 microfiche: £1
  • colour A4: £1
  • colour A3: £2

Photocopying: by staff, per sheet

  • black and white A4: 40p
  • black and white A3: 70p
  • A4 microform for collection: £1.00
  • A3 microform for collection: £1.50
  • colour A4: £1.50
  • colour A3: £2

To post you the photocopies, we charge the cost of the photocopies plus postage. The minimum fee is £1.50.