Dangerous and wild animal licence

Dangerous and wild animal licence

When you need a dangerous and wild animal licence, how to apply and what happens after you apply.

If you’re a member of the public , you must apply for a licence to keep an animal that’s on the Dangerous Animals Act list.

This doesn’t apply to zoos or businesses selling pets.  

How to apply for a licence

To apply for a licence you must call us on 0117 922 2500 option 2 to arrange a premises inspection.

Premises inspection

We’ll inspect where the animal will be kept, with a veterinary surgeon and an Animal Health Officer.

The animal’s premises must have:

  • environmental stimulation
  • correct food and feeding structures
  • access to a vet

These must be suitable for the animal you want to keep.

You must have:

  • evidence to show where you bought the animal
  • an insurance policy to cover liability for damage caused by animals
  • policies  and procedures in place for events such as animal escapes and fires, which must be regularly reviewed
  • the training to own and handle a dangerous wild animal

This training can be from handling the animal before you buy it, or professional development such as academic studying. 

You’ll get a licence if we agree that the licence conditions and the animal’s welfare needs have been met.

Licence cost

A Dangerous Wild Animal licence costs £200 plus the inspection fees. 

The inspection fees cost around £100 per hour. This cost can vary depending on the vetinary surgeon needed, and time and distance to travel for the inspection.

The licence is valid two years from the date the licence is granted.

It’s your responsibility to renew the license before it expires.