Historic Environment Record


The Bristol Historic Environment Record (HER) contains information about historic Bristol.  At present there are over 7000 entries and it is constantly being added to, and interpretations improved.

You can find information about the HER and our access and charges policy ‘The Bristol Historic Environment Record - guidance for users’ in the related documents section.

Some information in the HER is available through Know Your Place.

The HER can tell you about:

  • historic buildings and monuments
  • archaeological excavations and finds
  • historic landscapes.

The main part of the HER is a computer database:

  • Each entry contains a summary of what is currently known about a monument, excavation, find or survey.
  • The entries are plotted on a digital map using a Geographical Information System (GIS).

As well as the computerised records, the HER contains copies of:

  • historic maps
  • air photographs and
  • archaeological fieldwork reports.

Records from the HER are regularly exchanged with English Heritage's Excavation Index, hosted by the Archaeology Data Service.

Access to the Bristol Historic Environment Record

You can view the Bristol Historic Environment Record in person at Brunel House.  Please telephone us to make an appointment. 

Please note that it will not always be possible to arrange a visit at short notice. A search room with a computer and photocopying facilities are available (see Copyright below). The building is accessible.

If you have any specific access needs please tell us when you make your appointment.

Written enquiries

We will deal with written enquiries (letter, email or fax) normally within 15 working days of receipt. More complex enquiries may take longer. We will let you know if the response to your enquiry will take longer than 15 days.

We will normally provide information in paper form, although it can be provided in a range of digital and other formats.

Please note that we cannot deal with complex or poorly structured enquiries, but we will offer to help you refine your enquiry.

Translation/special requirements

If you would like information in a specific format, for example Braille, audiotape, large print or computer disc, or community languages, please let us know when you make your enquiry.


We reserve all rights of copyright which are owned in the material provided. Users must abide by the copyright restrictions pertaining to material, hard copy or digital, held in the HER and all copyright interests in that material must be suitably acknowledged.


  • HER information shall only be used for the purpose for which it was supplied.
  • Confidential information and information embargoed by the depositor will not be disclosed.
  • Access to the HER may be restricted for temporary periods to enable essential maintenance and enhancement to be undertaken. Access may also be denied where there is reasonable cause to believe that supplying the information would endanger the archaeological heritage.

Contact information

Bristol Historic Environment Record

City Hall

Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176

Bristol, BS3 9FS

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

9am to 5pm

Email: archaeology@bristol.gov.uk

Tel: 0117 922 3033