Children's centre

What the centres offer

Children’s Centres are for children under five and their families, and offer a range of activities, play, information and support from professionals working in a wide range of fields.

Services vary, depending on the various needs of the local community. Many Children’s centres run activities especially for fathers and their children. Parents and carers are encouraged to join in and contribute to the life of the centre, helping to shape and steer its services.

Register for a Children's Centre

Register for a children's centre online

You can also print out and send us a paper form linked in the related documents section.

Information sharing with partners

The full range of services which Children’s Centres are expected to provide information with are detailed in the Children’s Centre Core Purpose     and in the Statutory Guidance for Children’s Centres .

Staff in Children’s Centres need to work effectively with other partners in the area who are also delivering services to families with young children.

They need  to be clear about who is supporting the family and what everyone is doing.

Children’s Centre staff also need to know if the family is not already getting any support from any other organisation but would like some help and support.

Children’s Centres work with a wide range of partners including health visitors and other health professionals, voluntary and community organisations, housing, social care and Job Centre Plus.

If a parent/carer has completed a Children’s Centre Registration Form, this gives the Children’s Centre permission to share information about the support the family wants, needs and is entitled to with, other partners who might be able to help. The minimum amount of information will be shared; it will be shared securely and only kept for as long as is necessary. The best interests of the child and family are always the most important consideration when considering what information to share.

Services for children over five

The Family Information Service page has information about services for older children.

Further information

Children's Centre presentation (pdf, 0.6 MB) (opens new window)

Contact the Family Information Service if you have any further questions.

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