Ward profile data

Ward profile data

Data profiles on Bristol wards updated in December 2021.

Bristol ward data

The Ward Profiles provide a range of data-sets, including Population, Health, Quality of Life, Education and Crime.

They allow you to compare data for each ward with the Bristol average and other wards.

These are available as:

Interactive ward data tool

We've updated the interactive Ward Profile tool, which has: 

  • more data-sets, such as Jobs and Claimant Count data and all Quality of Life indicators
  • ward-level trend data 
  • new data views and interactive elements, including data-sets by sex and flexible population age ranges

The new tool is being developed in Microsoft Power BI, with an option for sending feedback.

All datasets can be downloaded from Open Data Bristol.

Use the online interactive data tool.

Ward profile reports

The PDF reports do not include the new data pages or any trend charts or new data-views.

There is currently an individual Ward Profile report for each of the 34 wards:

Bristol wards

Our online map shows the ward boundaries.

For more information on your individual ward visit our electoral services ward boundary page.