What period friendly schools is

Period friendly schools was developed as part of period friendly Bristol Go to https://www.periodfriendlyplaces.org/ (opens new window). It aims to reduce period poverty and promote period dignity in all school settings. 

Period friendly Bristol was launched in 2019 in response to the one city Go to https://www.bristolonecity.com/ (opens new window) priority of tackling period poverty in Bristol. It was developed with help and expertise from the real period project Go to https://www.realperiodproject.org/ (opens new window)

Why it's important

Period poverty can be caused by:

  • lack of access to products  
  • lack of education about periods and the menstrual cycle
  • menstrual shame and stigma 

Schools can help each of these factors. 

A whole school approach to addressing period poverty and period dignity can improve:

  • attendance
  • inclusion
  • levels of concentration

How to get the award

Period friendly schools is part of our healthy schools essential award.  Schools who complete this will receive a period friendly schools certificate.

The award requires schools to demonstrate good practice based on a whole school approach to promoting period dignity. 

You'll need to:

  • provide evidence of a whole school approach to period dignity
  • adopt period friendly principles

Period friendly principles

To become a period friendly school, you'll need to have:

  • leadership and management that puts period friendly measures into school policy and practice 
  • a culture that promotes period dignity for the whole school community
  • ways to help menstrual management, including easy access to menstrual products
  • a curriculum and learning that promotes knowledge and menstrual wellbeing
  • commitment to sustainability and reusable products
  • ways for students to influence decisions

You should work with parents and carers and meet the needs of all pupils including:

  • those with SEND
  • all genders

What schools can do

Supply free products

All state funded schools in England can order free period products.  Schools can register for an account to order period hygiene supplies Go to https://www.phsdirect.co.uk/periodproducts (opens new window).

Watch training videos

The real period project Go to https://www.realperiodproject.org/ (opens new window) are a Bristol social enterprise that develops and delivers education about periods and the menstrual cycle for all ages. They have made videos to support schools to develop best practice in their setting. 

Staff, including the senior leadership team, governors, and school nurses, can watch:


Visit our PSHE page for recommended schemes of work and lesson plans focusing on period dignity and wellbeing.

The sexual health and wellbeing charity Brook Go to https://www.brook.org.uk/resources/ (opens new window)has made some documents that you can download and use for lessons. They can be used for pupils with SEND.

City to sea Go to https://www.citytosea.org.uk/ (opens new window) is an environmental organisation that campaigns to stop plastic pollution at source. They work with schools to help promote period dignity with a focus on sustainable, planet friendly products and practice.