What is a Mediating Learning Support Assistant (MeLSA), Bristol schools with a MeLSA, how to find out more.

What is a Mediating Learning Support Assistant (MeLSA)

A Mediating Learning Support Assistant (MeLSA) is a trained, school-based learning support assistant. Their role is to support pupils’ learning. They’re trained by a team of educational psychologists and get ongoing group supervision.

MeLSAs are trained in how to help a child or young person become an independent learner. MeLSAs learn mediating learning skills to help them work with children and young people.

Who MeLSAs work with

MeLSAs may work:

  • individually with a child or young person on a specific learning skill
  • in small groups where children or young people share a similar learning need, or where the input of one child or young person may help the others
  • with most of the class, giving the teacher time to work with children or young people who need more help

MeLSA training

MeLSAs have 6 days of initial training which covers:

  • mindset
  • memory
  • thinking about thinking
  • recall
  • maths
  • literacy

The training is practical and interactive.

Schools with a MeLSA

Bristol schools with a MeLSA include:

  • Brunel Academy
  • Cathedral Primary
  • Chester Park Infants
  • Chester Park Juniors
  • Fair Furlong Primary
  • Fairfield High
  • Oasis Brislington

Find out more

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