Support for children in care

Find out how children and young people in care can get extra support at school.

The HOPE, Bristol’s virtual school for children in care, makes sure children in care get the support they need to succeed at school.

Information for professionals

How the  HOPE supports the education of children and young people in care. Includes information for social care staff, teachers and governors.

How carers can support the education of young people in care

Who to talk to and how to get training and advice.

Get help with your education if you’re in care

Find out more about who can help you and how to contact them.

How schools can support young people in care

Schools’ responsibilities and the funding they get.

Personal Education Plans

Every young person in care who is in education has a Personal Education Plan (PEP), with regular meetings between carer, social worker, school and the young person to monitor how things are going.